Services & Fees

The Process

  • Telephone consultation – no obligation and no fee.
  • Initial assessment – full case history and and formal or informal assessment.
  • Written advice and reports provided on request.
  • A programme of therapy can be provided to be carried out by parents / carers

— or —

  • A programme of therapy can be provided by myself.
  • Follow up appointments can be arranged to monitor progress


Appointments take place in the clients own home, in schools, colleges, nurseries, clinics or residential settings.

Time / Day

Due to current commitments appointments can take place:

  • Mondays
  • Saturday Mornings
  • Early Evenings
  • School Holidays


  • Initial Telephone Consultation  – Free (no obligation)
  • Initial Assessment                        – £80 per hour

Initial assessments typically last 60-90 minutes, depending upon the individual and the difficulties they face.

  • Therapy Session                            –  £80 per hour   /    £50 per 40 min

A typical 40 minute session consists of approx 30 min intervention and 10 min feedback to parents/carers

  • Written Information (reports, referrals, letters) – £80 hour
  • Travel – First 10 miles: free  (then 50p/mile)



Terms and Conditions



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