We are really pleased with the progress our son has made with his speech sounds since receiving weekly speech and language therapy from Julie. Both friends and family have commented on how much more confident he is with his talking. School have also noted a decided improvement in his  interest and competence with reading and spelling.

Steve Powell – Sale Moor



I am absolutely astounded and thrilled at the amount of progress that my 4 year old son has made since Julie has been working with him. His speech was very unclear and following a disordered pattern, After only a few sessions working with Julie he is now a confident 4 year old whose speech is amazing. I cannot recommend Julie highly enough. Thank you so much.

Shirley Brown (Mum and infant school teacher)



Hi Julie,

I wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much for your help with Sam. We can’t believe the difference, and he loves sitting and practising his S all the time!

The school have also noticed the difference too as Sam often corrects himself if he says S the wrong way.

I appreciate it was only a small issue but your help has been invaluable. Thanks so much again.

Jen Plunkett



I contacted Julie Llewellyn for assistance with my daughter’s speech problems.  Erin (now aged 6) had been receiving speech therapy from the NHS since she was 3½ years old as she could not pronounce d, s, t, k sounds or sh, ch and sk sounds.  The support from the NHS was sporadic, leaving gaps of between 6 and 9 months before they could see her due to staffing issues.  We felt that in order for Erin to progress we needed professional help to bring about some continuity.

Julie contacted us straightaway by telephone after receiving our email enquiry.  She took a history of Erin’s speech and language development and a history of Erin’s health and schooling.  Julie asked what assistance Erin was receiving in school through SEN (Special Educational Needs) and explained the role of SEN in schools.  We were unaware of SEN so were able to go into school equipped with this knowledge to request extra support for Erin in school.

Julie arranged to come to the house to assess Erin.  I was present at the assessment.  Julie was very friendly and was able to put Erin at ease immediately by talking to her and finding out what she was interested in.  Julie was positive throughout and very knowledgeable of techniques and structures to implement so we could practice with Erin at home.

Julie made the 1:1 sessions at home with Erin lots of fun by playing games and rewarding her with stickers.  Erin would sometimes lose concentration but Julie had excellent techniques to bring Erin back by going along with Erin and asking her to find things around the room that began with a certain letter.  We were able to follow on from this ourselves when working with Erin at home.

Julie has attended school to advise and assist the teachers who support Erin with her speech.  She has passed on some excellent ideas and advice to help the teachers with the 1:1 sessions.  Techniques have been implemented into the classroom like placing key words around the classroom for Erin to focus on.  Julie has also advised on focus group activities which have also been implemented in school.

Julie has been a huge support to us as a family.  She has given us invaluable advice and assistance with both NHS therapy and school support together with her own expertise.  Julie has given us information on Erin’s general education and advises of the next step when we feel we are not sure what to do next.

Julie is very patient, communicative and accommodating.  She is compassionate and professional and extremely knowledgeable in speech and language therapy and in the education of children.  Erin has made and continues to make excellent progress and I would not hesitate in recommending Julie.

Roseleen Opie